Apparently I 'Suuuuck' LOL!
mars_on_fire wrote in customersdenver
I was on a business review site, reviewing a business I frequent. After I reviewed said business, I got curious about the place that I'm employed. The newest review was from 10 days prior, it was mostly good. They said they liked the owners and always choose to go there over a larger business. At the end of the review they described me and then said that I 'suuuuck' and that they avoid me at all costs. They did not say why they think I 'suuuuck', merely that I do. I know in this world you can't pleased everyone, it's impossible. But, I would like to know why they think that. I talked to my friend and the owner of the small business where I'm employed and they both said it was a 'hater' review. As in, I most likely didn't do anything of consequence to this person. Merely that they didn't like me for unknown most likely immature reason. I agreed, however I am still curious if I did anything to the reviewer and what I did. All and all it's a funny life, isn't it?


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